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The name of “J&NINA” was named after the founders Mr. Ze-Kang, Dai and Ms. Pesdin (Pei-Ling), Kuo’s children – James and Nina. J&NINA was established in 1999 under the parent company of “Textile International Development Co., Ltd,” aiming to provide the high-end quality of women’ fashion. In 2004, J&NINA successfully registered in Paris, France. In the same year, J&NINA held a press conference in Shenzhen, China, where the headquarters was established, and expanded its market to Taiwan, China and Hong Kong.

The parent company – Textile International Development Co. Ltd was founded in 1989. At the starting phase, the company focused on importing formal menswear and local knitwear. In addition, it also took orders, designed and produced clothes made with knit fabrics. Within few years, the group expanded its market into womenswear and children’s wear. With the expansion of the business volume, the brand transformed itself into the full design and produced womenswear in 1996 and was outsourced to design and produce by most of the famous knitwear brand at that time. Due to its selected quality, fashion design, and the original technique of knitting, “J&NINA” has been honored as “The Godfather of knitwear in Taiwan” by local media. Therefore, in 1999, the development history of J&NINA brought them into the next chapter in the high-end fashion industry.


.J&NINA continues to carry forward love and hope and donates a second top-of-the-line ambulance to give back to Shilin District.
.Releasing 2023AW “Rose Thorns” on May 12th.
.Releasing 2024SS “Let's Glamping!” on September 21st.
.Opening new stores in Taiwan's Zhubei Far Eastern Mall in February.
.Releasing 2023SS “Alice in Wonderland” in 10th, October.
.Opening new stores in Taichung Lihpao Outlet Mall in September.
・In March, it entered the Far Eastern SOGO(Taipei Fuxing Store, Taiwan), and was invited to hold the "2021 Spring and Summer Fashion Show" in the department store.
.In April, the "21 Spring and Summer New Product Fashion Show" was held at Taoyuan Tongling Plaza, and the "Taoyuan Renaissance Food Farmers" held "Mom's Fun in Taoyuan Garden - Pickled Peach Experience" to care for rural areas and promote "food farmers education". It also donated funds to the "Balang Elementary School" for aboriginal students as an educational fund to continue to care for the education of students in remote areas and use fashion to do charity.
.Releasing 2021AW “Art Utopia” on May 17th.
.Releasing 2022SS “LA MER DE NICE” and grand fashion show at The Yun Resort Shenzhen Longcheer in Shenzhen, China on September 27th
.In April, we cooperated with the youth entrepreneurship "Stay Flow Coffee" and donated hand-brewed coffee from Taoyuan Min-Sheng General Hospital to thank the frontline epidemic prevention personnel for their efforts.
.Donate ambulances to the Taipei City Fire Department to support medical care during the epidemic.
.Releasing 2020aw “BRAVE” on May 11st.
.Releasing 2021SS “Voyages of Discovery” on October 18th.
.In September, Tung Ling held a calligraphy experience event called "Thinking in the Heart and Passing on Gratitude Forever" in Taoyuan, as well as a charity retrospective exhibition of the brand over the years, to pass on the brand spirit of discovering the beauty of life and being grateful and cherishing blessings.
・ J&NINA 2019AW “Des Glaneuses”
・J&NINA 2020SS “The Golden Age Of Cruising”
.DAI ZE-KANG was elected as an honorary alumnus of Fu Jen Catholic University.
.In February, we used fashion as a charity event with the theme of "Looking for the Happiest You in the City" to continue our fashion charity activities in Foshan, Guangdong. Foshan has also become more charming because of J&NINA.
.Releasing 2018AW “MY ADDRESS IS 1980'S” on May 9th.。
.In October, the theme of the activity was "Join Hands with Local Youth Farmers, Caring for Rural Education" to assist young farmers in starting their own businesses, and donated money to Taoyuan Luofu Elementary School as an educational fund.
.Releasing 2014SS “Be a Mermaid” on October 11st.
.Pesdin Kuo and DAI ZE-KANG jointly donated 5 million to the Department of Textile Studies of Fu Jen Catholic University to establish a scholarship project to improve and strengthen the teaching equipment of the department.
.Releasing 2017AW “Life is Magic” on May 8th.
.In July, "LIFE IS MAGIC" with the theme of environmental protection and charity kicked off in Dalian, Yingkou, Ningbo, Cixi, Sichuan, Yibin and other cities.
.In September, Hisense's new store in Qingdao was renovated and opened. J&NINA combined the concept of life with "Green Organic Workshop". Clothing, green organic, handmade workshops, etc. were all integrated into the store.
.Releasing 2018SS “COSMOS” on October 12th.
.Releasing 2016AW “URBAN TRIBE”.
.Promote the "Love in Pets" program to care for stray animals and advocate adoption instead of purchasing.
.In April, with the theme of "accompanying the flowers of summer, using beauty for charity", the charity was donated to Sanguang Elementary School(Fuxing District, Taoyuan City), at Tongling Plaza in Taoyuan City, Taiwan, to start J&NINA's charity undertakings.
.In July, with the theme of "Caring for Rural School Children", we started using fashion to do charity in Chongzhou, Sichuan, China.
.Releasing 2017SS “The Midsummer Night's Dream of Scout” on October 12th.
.In December, J&NINA's first lifestyle store was officially opened at Hongbo in Harbin, China. J&NINA's lifestyle store that combines the concept of life with clothing was officially launched.
.In February, a charity-themed designer meeting and pre-order event kicked off in Yinchuan, Ningxia.
.Releasing 2015AW “Fairy tales of England”.
.In July, at the designer meeting and pre-order event with the theme of "Fairy Tales of England", brands in Sichuan, Yibin, Liaoning and Huludao achieved the highest single-day sales.
.Releasing 2016SS “TRAVEL BY CRUISE”.
.Releasing 2014AW “SAVING THE POLAR BEAR”.
.The "SAVING THE POLAR BEAR" series with the theme of environmental protection was launched, and its operations in the Chinese market increased by more than 30%, with 160 locations.
.A meeting with the chief designer and a pre-order event were held in Qingdao, setting a new record for a brand and shopping mall with a single-day sales of more than one million yuan.
.Opening new stores in PARKSON(FuxingMen, Beijing) and Galeries Lafayette(Xidan, Beijing).
.Releasing 2015SS “Botanic Garden” in 9th, October.
.DAI ZE-KANG donated 6 million yuan to his alma mater, Longjing Elementary School, and established the "Dai Fenghe Foundation" in his father's name to encourage underprivileged students.
.Releasing 2013AW “Song of the Saint”.
.Releasing 2014SS “Amazon Adventure” in October.
.Donate to help Taipei Municipal Tian-mu Junior High School purchase invisible railings to care for the environmental safety of school children.
.The market operation in mainland China has grown significantly by more than 30%, and the number of stores has reached 200. In the same year, a chief designer meeting and a pre-order event were held in Qingdao, setting a record for a brand and shopping mall with a single-day sales of more than one million yuan.
."Shenzhen Nina Trading Co., Ltd." was established to expand operations in the Chinese mainland market.
.From autumn and winter, the PESDIN KUO brand will be officially merged into J&NINA.
.J&NINA was invited to participate in the 2011 World Flower Expo and was the only brand to represent Taiwan in the fashion show.
.Providing internship positions for students from the Department of Fashion Studies at Shih Chien University, Fu Jen Catholic University and other universities, and the cooperation remains uninterrupted to this day (2023).
.Established the high-end brand line "PESDIN KUO" to open up the consumer class with high-end prices.
.The first J&NINA flagship store was established on Da'an Road, Taipei City, Taiwan. In the same year, more than 100 Chinese agent resale stores were established, transforming it into an international brand.
.J&NINA expands design and production lines for accessories, bags and footwear.
.J&NINA was successfully registered in Paris, France. In the same year, it officially held a brand press conference in Shenzhen, established a mainland head office, and expanded the brand to markets such as Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong.
.In response to the expansion, the office moved from Chongqing North Road, Taipei City to the eighth floor of Fengqun Building, Chengde Road, Shilin District, Taipei City (current location).
."J&NINA" entered the Chinese market through a mid-market agent model.
.DAI ZE-KANG continues to support Hualien's "Firefly Volunteer Team" to help the aboriginal children in the Hualien area, and this is still ongoing (2023).
.Brand founders DAI ZE-KANG and Pesdin Kuo, named after their children James and Nina, established the high-end women's fashion brand "J&NINA" in Taiwan, which comprehensively designs and produces ready-to-wear, sweaters, accessories, accessories, furs, leather jackets, etc.
.DAI ZE-KANG provides professional Taiwanese women's brand sweater designs, covering 90% of Taiwan's women's brand sweater styles.
.DAI ZE-KANG founded "Textile International Development Co. LTD" to provide professional men's sweater design and some children's clothing to brand companies.



"I pay attention to the clothes, like the house for our bodies ; freely showing the
chic appearance of women in the city"


Wearing in her eyes is a kind of strength and an attitude. A brand style represents the soul and the extension of the designer. PESDINE KUO, is an easy-going and sincere lady with a free spirit. Therefore, just like her character, the concept of J&NINA is comfortable, simple but not boring, interesting but not exaggerating. The stylish and humorous design details present a high sense of modernity of women, which has always been her interpretation of J&NINA brand style.


As long as the raw materials used on our clothing, they are collected from animals and plants. Thus, we are thankful for nature. After obtaining raw materials, to make a dress in full accomplishment comes from the efforts of many craftsmen. Thus, we should also show our respect to their ingenuity. To maintain high-end luxury goods, we should always keep the grateful attitude not because of its costliness or the international reputation of its brand!


"Pearl starts from a grain of sand, and so does love!"
There is the power of love to discover, express, and deliver beauty at every moment. The inheritance based on the love of fashion just presents the unique charm of J&NINA. Fashion conveys not only the form and appearance of wearing, but also an attitude of love, a love for life and an understanding of life, and the expectation for life.