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Charity | "What is your happiest time?"


Entering the campus surrounded by mountains, the children's clear and cheerful singing

What is your happiest time?

"When school is over and playing baseball with classmates"

"When you can sing on the stage for everyone to hear"

Your "happy memory" is the children's "now"


"Life is more prosperous because of love."

J&NINA has always regarded giving back to the society as one of its brand cultural ambitions, and has continued to carry out caring for rural education activities. Cooperate with the "Taoyuan City Youth Farmers Production Cooperative" to help young creative industries develop. This year, in response to the global epidemic, we donated ambulances, hand-made black coffee and issued brand angel cards during the epidemic to comfort all the hard-working medical staff.

Thanks to the J&NINA fans who participated in caring for this land and silently donating and giving. We know that this is just the beginning. This road will go on forever, and continue to pass your support to every child. Let the seeds of happiness germinate.

J&NINA uses beauty for public welfare and continues to care for children's education in remote areas

"Buy a great clothes and do a great thing."

Let us work together to make the dream bigger than the sky